Monaco and Cap d’Ail during my Sunday evening sunset run – a photo gallery

The start of 2017 hasn’t been wonderful in terms of weather on the French Riviera, at least from what I’ve been told as I’ve been travelling for 5 consecutive weeks so far for work to some much colder parts of Europe, namely Paris, Vienna, Munich, Stuttgart, Berlin, Düsseldorf and Cologne. However, this weekend was hopefully a sign of better times and after a lovely day yesterday in Nice (see the carnival pictures and video I shared on the French Riviera Blog Facebook page), I decided to enjoy the afternoon with a very pleasant 45 minute run around some of the major sights on the western part of Monaco and therefore enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

I figured, in the spirit of this blog, that it would be nice to share the pictures as it’s a really nice tour that takes in plenty of the most beautiful views of the Principality, just be warned that it does go uphill and downhill a lot so I did this at a very slow pace given my appalling fitness condition!

Enjoy the photos! Next week if the weather is still decent, I might go and check out the last weekend of the Fête des Citrons in Menton, if so I’ll share my experiences soon!


Before kicking off, here’s the summary map of the run I did, starting at my place at the tip of the port. It was actually more than 6km but I bailed after leaving Fontvieille and just walked back as I was shattered! 


The 300m long floating jetty, run to the end on the lower level (great views over the harbour and Monte Carlo) and then on the top level on the way back to get some stunning views over the open sea. 




After a totally exhausting climb up the steps of Fort Antoine to head up to the Old Town (I should definitely have paced myself better!), there was this lovely view of the Jardins Saint Martin, built on the slopes of the Rocher de Monaco between the Oceanographic Museum and the Cathedral.  


Sunset over the port of Fontvieille (all reclaimed land built between the 1960s and the 1980s), which I headed down to afterwards.


Sunset over the stunning white facade of Saint Nicolas Cathedral, the resting place of many former Princes of Monaco. See my Walking Tour of the Old Town for more information.  


Avenue Saint Martin, with its sumptuous villas and looking back towards the Oceanographic Museum 


The elaborate side of the Cathedral, made with white marble from La Turbie


Ok the light isn’t great but this is the Palace in all its glory with Tête de Chien and Mont Agel in the background


The urban sprawl of Monaco with the harbour, viewed from Palace Square


A few minutes later, down by the port of Fontvieille, with the residential wing of the Palace to the left 


Mirror reflection on the port of Fontvieille


Tête êde Chien, dominating the residential buildings of Fontvieille, built in the 1980s: the land reclamation increased Monaco’s area by 20%. 


The Oceanographic Museum perched on the side of the Rock, a real Temple to the Sea, with Cap Martin and Italy in the background


The Port of Fontvieille facing west towards France: the bit jutting out on the left is the heliport. 


A beautiful February sky


Facing south towards the open sea


Looking west as the sun sets over Cap d’Ail and Cap Ferrat in the distance


The port of Cap d’Ail


This is actually in France looking back east towards Monaco, the border is the line of very expensive high rise buildings. The peninsula in the distance to the right is already France again (Cap Martin), this proves how small Monaco actually is.  


The port of Cap d’Ail also welcomes massive luxury yachts (as do Antibes and most of the other Riviera resorts)!


The “Twin Peaks” dominating Monaco: to the left, the unmistakable Tête de Chien (550m) and to the right, a bit further away, Mont Agel (1148m). 


Sunset on the port of Cap d’Ail


The Place d’Armes market on the way back home from Fontvieille

Now I’m done and ready to recover from my efforts with a nice dinner. I hope this will have inspired you for your next visit to Monaco – this whole circuit can be done on foot in around 2 hours at a leisurely pace and is especially recommended on a nice summer’s evening, when the Old Town is at its best. If you did enjoy this article, please comment in the form below, like my Facebook page and share the link of the blog with all of your friends.

See you again soon for my next article, greetings from the French Riviera,




8 thoughts on “Monaco and Cap d’Ail during my Sunday evening sunset run – a photo gallery

  1. Nice pictures Kevin. We’ve been doing a number of sections of the Sentier Littoral over the .ast few months and I wonder if you’ve thought of putting together a post covering the whole walk from say St Tropez to Monaco ? As you will know, there is a whole series of fantastic walks on the coast but each one needs a guide on how best to access it and maybe the eating places en route etc. We’ve done Theoule westwards, Cap d’Antibes, Cap Ferat, Roquebrune / Cap Martin, and Cap d’Ail to Monaco like your run. What do you think ? Keep up your posts – you’ve been quiet recently !

  2. Living vicariously through your journaling of the French Riviera! Miss it so much, so it’s wonderful to see photos to reminisce to! Thank you for your posts.

  3. Hi Kevin ..I always love what you have to share This looks like a great walk and hopefully we can give it a go …we do a lot of walking in our Peak district 10 miles or there abouts so unless it is too hot it looks good to go …….I look forward to reading your blog ..more please …

  4. Kevin,

    Very nice pics. I look forward to (attempting to) climb up the hill to Fort Antoine this Fall, when my wife and I come on a long visit to the South of France. Not sure if one needs a James Bond white evening jacket to be allowed into Monaco though. Cheers!!!

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