Picture of the Day: Angels peeking through the Monaco clouds at dawn

The early bird catches the worm at dawn… Beautiful and very peaceful view at 6.25am this Monday morning over the port of Monaco after a very early start (one of the “perks” of working with partners in Asia!): it’s starting to get very warm here on the Riviera now and the transition to summer is well underway. I’m also adding some nice pictures of the transition from night to day, all taken this morning… Have a fantastic week!

3 thoughts on “Picture of the Day: Angels peeking through the Monaco clouds at dawn

  1. Bonjuor Kevin!
    I really have been enjoying your blog! My family is planning a short visit to Nice and I have a big wishlist! We will have one night and 3 full days to explore. Any advice or suggestions on how to include all this, if something should just be skipped (maybe this is too much), and which specific places to visit would be so appreciated! Also, would love any advice you have on where to stay. We have 4 nights so could split between a few locations if that’s better?

    Enter into Italy. Buy some Italian specialties. Maybe have a meal? See a sight or two.

    Stop in Menton. Maybe have a meal if not in Italy? See a quick sight or two.

    Enter into Monacco. Spend only up to 2 hours sightseeing.

    Visit Eze. Maybe climb the Nietszche trail?

    Visit Villefranche. Scenic hike at Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat. I think this is about 6km and takes 2 hours?

    Guided bike or walking tour of Nice, maybe a quick solar boat tour?

    Scenic coastal hike in Antibes (I think 4km and about 2 hours needed) or just explore the town?

    Cannes city tour. Possibly ferry over to Marguerite?

    Thank you so much for any info and advice you can provide!
    Warmest regards,

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