Introduction to the Old Town of Monaco

The whole Rock of Monaco viewed from the Jardin Exotique

This is also known as “Monaco Ville” or “Le Rocher” (the Rock) and is the government and historical centre of the Principality, as well as being one of the two main tourist sites. The old town of Monaco might seem a bit too clean and glitzy for connaisseurs of other more authentic villages in the region, such as Sainte Agnès, La Brigue or even Villefranche – it is Monaco after all…  However, if you follow the advice below, it is always possible to have a nice walk around, trying to avoid the hordes of tourists and souvenir shops. That is why the best time of day is dusk, once the souvenir shops have closed, the streets are quieter and the crowds of tourists have taken their coaches either back to their cruise ship or to drive round the harbour and “visit Monte Carlo” in 15 minutes.

Main attractions (to be detailed in subsequent articles):

The Oceanographic Museum, an amazing building built into the side of the cliff and simply one of the best aquariums in Europe: official website

The Oceanographic Museum viewed from Jardins Saint Martin

The Oceanographic Museum viewed from Jardins Saint Martin

– Follow mywalking tour around the beautiful small pedestrian streets, churches and gardens.

Typical medieval alleyways of Monaco's old town

Typical medieval alleyways of Monaco’s old town

– The Prince’s Palace, official residence of the Prince and Princess of Monaco, location of the Royal court, almost a city within the city and most recently the main theatre of the stunning royal wedding in July 2011. Read more in the “Walking Tour” article and on the official website.

The clock tower of the Prince’s Palace of Monaco viewed from the harbour

The Cathedral: an imposing white marble edifice which recently celebrated its centenary, famous mainly for the tombs of the various Princes of Monaco, as well that of Princess Grace. The visit is actually a very moving experience for royal watchers, given the number of historical events that have been commemorated there, both happy and sad. More information on the official Cathedral website.

The Cathedral of Monaco

The Cathedral of Monaco

Some small museums: the Monte Carlo Story and the museum of Old Monegasque Traditions, only if you are really enthusiastic about the history of Monaco or the royal family. Otherwise, don’t bother and instead, just walk down to the port and the Grand Prix circuit, follow the trail of yachts around the waterfront and head towards Monte Carlo and the casino.


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