Picture of the Day: the Exotic Garden of Eze Village

It’s the weekend so a great opportunity to put your feet up and enjoy some serenity! There is no better place than the Exotic Garden of Eze village, definitely worth the climb to the top of the village and soak in the ethereal beauty enhanced by the lovely statues that look like a bit like the Caryatids of the Parthenon in Athens: check out this lovely viewpoint down at the bottom with deckchairs where you can just unwind! Full details and report in this article, enjoy the weekend!

5 thoughts on “Picture of the Day: the Exotic Garden of Eze Village

  1. Mr. Hin,
    From Nice, is it better to take the bus to go the the garden ? About the climb; is it really hilly ?
    Thank you,

    • Yes it’s better to take the bus no 82 directly from Nice to Eze village (which is about 350m above sea level). From there it’s a climb to the garden but it’s not very steep and you’ll be walking through the village so you can go slowly.

  2. We lived in Cannes and Chateauneuf-de-Grasse for almost 5 years. Our son was just born. What a special place to start your life. My heart is still there. The most perfect place on the planet, to me. Lucky you to live there. Enjoy every moment!

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